Adam (heres_to_now) wrote in mixit_likewhoa,

-name: Adam
-age: seventeen

-top 5

* Beulah - "A Man Like Me"
* Frédéric Chopin - "Prelude No. 24 in D Minor, Op."
* The Smiths - "This Charming Man"
* Les Savy Fav - "Je T'aime"
* The Cars - "Just What I Needed"

And I just wanna say what a great effin idea I think this community is.

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the cars+ the smiths + that picture = awsome
no no.. your hat = awesome.
thankyou, I wore it at my 17th birthday party. We had balloon animals and icecream cake and pin the tail on the donkey.
ya know, you're ruining it for the rest of us that pretend not to enjoy that stuff.

It's ture, I'm really quite the party pooper.
ummm, be my valentine?

also, welcome. even though i kinda already welcomed you.
you'll know when a swap is coming up.. and i assume you want to be included??

much love,
the MOD.
yes. i do. totally.


Deleted comment

hi, let's be friends.

Deleted comment