in love with love and lousy poetry (bang_youre_dead) wrote in mixit_likewhoa,
in love with love and lousy poetry

umm okay

as of right now, these three people will not be included in the next trade:


yeah. because i recieved no notice that these tapes were sent.
i decided that you won't be banned, but if you don't send a tape when you say you're going to,
you don't deserve to participate in the next swap.
if tape swapping is too hard for you to handle, please leave the community.

in other news, that's 10/13!! not bad! last time it was 5/7 i do believe.

so if you are planning on participating in the next swap, and you have made an introductory post or participated in a previous swap,
please reply to this entry and let me know.
please do so by 11:59 pm on Saturday.

or you will not be included.
i'm serious. we need to make this an active and fun community.
ONLY for those of you who are serious about trading mixtapes.

anyway, have fun!!
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